CCD Policies

  • Parents are the primary educators of their children in the Catholic Faith.

Our CCD program is designed to aid parents in the religious education of their children. The CCD program is meant to supplement the faith, which the family already practices by word and example in their home.


  • Class Day/Time
Classes are held on Sundays. CCD program consists of the CCD class  and  the Holy Mass. CCD program  starts at 10:00 AM and ends  around 1:00 PM.  
Check the CCD Calendar 2018-19 for exact dates of classes. The yearly calendar is also posted on the parish website at all times for your convenience.
Classes are held from September through May. All necessary class items will be provided for the students. Please bring your CCD book and bag to class each week.
  • Attendance/Absences

Students except the 11th and 12th graders are required by the program guidelines to attend a minimum 80% classes (i.e 30 hours of instruction) to consider to have completed the grade. If a child is absent three classes in a row or more, please inform the Director of Religious Education of any difficulties that the child may be going through in regards to absences.

11th and 12th Grade Students and Parent are informed of their Attendance requirement.

If for any reason a child cannot make in 80% of classes, additional instruction time will have to be arranged between parents and teachers and ensure all home works from the missing classes are completed.

If students are late by more than five minutes, they will be provided with tardy attendance for that day. Every year we give out full attendance awards to Students. A child with full attendance credit throughout the CCD year will be eligible to receive this award.

Please inform the teachers ahead of time, if your child is going to be absent, late or leaving the CCD program(class and Mass) early. The teachers are expected to inform parents about uninformed absences and  tardiness. They are also not expected to allow a child to leave early without the request  from parents.



  • Arrival/Dismissal

    Please be reminded that the safety of your child is our top priority. For this reason, a strict dismissal policy will be enforced.

    All students in the Pre-K through 6th grades, parents must pick them up at dismissal time after the 11:30 mass from church.

    For safety reasons, students are not allowed to roam in parking lot or go out of church building before formally dismissed to their parents.

    Parents are responsible for supervision of children outside of CCD classes in church premises.


    • Grade Completion/Promotion Certificates

      Grade Completion/Promotion certificates to next grade level are issued on the last day of class at the end of the closing Mass. Students with 5 or more absences will receive a certificate of conditional promotion to the next grade level. Excessive absences may result in a delay in the reception of the Sacraments if the student cannot be properly prepared during the current year. Parents may request lessons missed due to absence to review with their child at home.


      • Behavior

        Respect to all CCD staff and to their fellow students is expected from students at all times.