Annual Parish Picnic 2017 Aug 19

Annual Parish Picnic:  We are having our annual picnic on August 19th from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM atThe Thoreau Club, Concord, MA. The Thoreau Club is one of the few venues in Massachusetts that can offer complete privacy to a group of up to 2,000 attendees. We will have exclusive access to this premium club with various facilities.  Attached flyer will provide you with more details of the facility and the program. Please contact your family unit president or the event coordinator Titus John (920- 819-5485) or one of the trustees if you plan to attend. 


 Please note the following:

This 35 Acre Outdoor Venue Includes:
•2 swimming pools
•A large tented seating area
•Basketball court
•Lawn games and sports equipment

•Volleyball court
•Wooded walking trails
•10,000 square foot field

Picnic rules & few key points
• Check in time at the park: anytime after 11am; Check out time: before 5pm on Please check in and check out
on time.
• Thoreau Club will be allowing us to use all the facilities in their premises. Hence there will be minimal
traditional games planned for the picnic.
• If anyone wants to use the pool, there will be an additional charge of $10 per person on top of the picnic entry
fee, This is to meet the expenses of pool services (life guards, event manager) provided during picnic.
• Cleanliness and upkeep of common areas, are everyone's collective responsibility.
• Any damages that occur on the premises should be informed to the lead immediately.
• It is the responsibility of the parents to take care of their children.
• Families planning to use pool, walk on trails, ensure that they bring towels, swimsuits, shoes etc.
• Food will be cooked and served by church volunteers, please use the plates, forks, plates which we bring for
serving and having food. Also ensure that all trash need to be dropped in designated trash bags.
• Picnic committee or Parish is not liable for any food purchased or taken from vending machines in the park.
• Friendly volleyball tournament and games for small kids will be organized by picnic team, if we have enough
players interested, we can plan for friendly badminton tournament.
• As we have only 5 hours slot, request everyone to explore & use the facilities in the park and most importantly
enjoy the time we are at the park.
• Parking available on the club premises.