June 2021 Updates

Per the medical advice, unvaccinated people are more prone to COVID-19 infection, if proper precautions are not taken. Precautions include, wearing a mask and keeping the 6 feet distance. Always stay at home if you feel sick or have any symptoms of COVID-19. 

As the state re-opens, as a precautionary measure we will be doing phased re-opening. Following directives are effective for the month of June

We will be continuing to stream the weekly Holy Mass. 

Relaxing the pe-registration requirement to attend the Holy Mass. 

Mask Advisory 

Though not mandatory, we advise the members to wear the mask while inside the church. 

However, non-vaccinated members expected to wear the mask at all times (per the State mandate). 

Social Distancing 

Seating downstairs will be relaxed and alternate aisle will be opened for seating. 

Balcony reserved for Non-vaccinated parishioners and parishioners who prefer social distancing. 


Wiping down pews We will continue the existing process of parishioners wiping down pew weekday and Saturday masses. 

Disinfecting For Sunday mass Church will be sanitized by Volunteers assigned by family unit assignment. 

Sanitizer We have placed auto dispensing hand-sanitizers in the main foyer of the church. Please apply first for you, before you help the young kids in sanitizing 


When giving “Peace” please do so from a distance. 

During Communion, please remain in your pews. Priest will bring Communion to you. Please stand and receive the communion in your hands. 

During feast on your way out, when venerating the saints, please offer so without touching

Church Facility Rental 

Rental of the church facility continues to be on-hold.


As we are exercising caution in the reopening the church, we would encourage our Parishioners to follow the guidelines when you do plan to attend Qurbana in the church.




  • Please register for Sunday Mass at link on the home page
  • Please include the exact count and names of the family members who plan to join the Qurbana.
  • A day before the Qurbana, you will receive a confirmation about your participation
  • We don’t encourage walk-ins for the Qurbana during this period, so please do register and share the exact name of the participants before coming to the Qurbana (We are to document all the participants of the events at the church)



  • Before entering the church, please wear your mask. You need to have masks at all time within the Church
  • Kids over 2 are recommended to have masks
  • Please enter the church only through the main entrance
  • All the doors and windows from the entrance to the Sanctum will be kept open for the duration of the Qurbana
  • We have placed auto dispensing hand-sanitizers in the main foyer of the church. Please apply first for you, before you help the young kids in sanitizing
  • Once inside the church, all paths are clearly marked


  • Please always wear your masks within the church
  • When giving “Peace” please do so from a distance
  • During Communion, please remain in your pews. Father will bring Communion to you
  • Please stand and receive the communion in your hands as Father comes to your pew



After the final blessing, please do remain in your pews for the Usher to guide you towards the exit

Please exit the church only through the door on the left of the church (by the Tabernacle) which leads directly to the parking lot

Please maintain 6 feet distance as you approach the exit. The stops are marked on the floor as guidance to maintain the distance


 The basement is closed for renovation so access to restrooms will be restricted. Restroom in the rectory is to be used

We hope that you all understand that in this time of the pandemic, we cannot socialize within the Church Buildings. Thankyou for your consideration 

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